Top 7 Tips for Parents & Citizens (P&C) Committee Raffles and Stalls

April 04, 2018

This post is for all those hard working P&C volunteers who are trying to find cost effective and easy packaging options for Easter Raffles, Mothers Day Stalls, Fathers Day Stalls and everything in between! Here are some tips we have learned from being involved in our kids P&C as well as feedback from many P&C members.

1. Get your donations first! Everyone has those unused gift baskets taking up space at home, put a call out at least 6 weeks prior to collect these and take stock of the numbers.

2. Ask for a discount on any products you have to purchase. It's the old saying - if you don't ask you don't get. A gentle reminder that you are a volunteer raising funds for much needed school resources for kids can go a long way.

3. Cardboard Posy Boxes and Cardboard Hamper Trays are a cost effective options if you find you don't have enough baskets for the job. Much cheaper than ducking off to the variety store for weird baskets! 

4. Assemble your wrapping team early! It always takes longer than you think. Organise a few wrapping days with volunteers to make your items shout wow. 

5. Don't forget the sticky tape and ribbon. A cheap option is to use curling ribbon or florist tear ribbon.

6. Get your cellophane on a roll! It makes wrapping different size items much easier, there is less waste and you don't have to spend time sticking sheets together.

7. Get the thick cellophane. 40 micron is what you're after especially if its going in the hands of kinder kids. 40 micron cellophane is the thickest we stock and has beautiful gloss transparency.

    If you can't find what you are looking for please get in contact, we often do special orders for seasonal events and are happy to discuss your needs.


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