30 or 40 Micron - Whats the difference?

December 04, 2017

Cellophane Wrap

If you're like me, maths is a challenge! And estimating measurements does not come easy. So this is one of those help me help you articles.

In BOPP Film (aka cellophane) we measure the thickness in Microns. So what is a micron? It is a micrometre - one millionth of a metre, or one thousandth of a millimetre. So its pretty small right? But choosing the right micron thickness for your project can make a big difference to the end result.

We stock both 30 and 40 micron cellophane. Anything lower than 30 micron starts to get a bit flimsy, while higher than 40 micron starts to get $$$$. We measure it with a handy little tool called a digital caliper. 

30 micron is good for wrapping gifts and hampers when you are going to simply wrap around and sticky tape together. (If you are going to bunch it up at the top and tie a ribbon around it go for the 40 micron.) 30 micron also has many other uses such as cake bands and sushi wrap.

40 micron has it all going for it - it can do everything the 30 micron can plus it has a great quality thickness and appearance to enhance your product. It is the perfect thickness for supporting your flower bouquets. If in doubt or you want the best look and feel go for 40 micron.